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The first GEC token burn — before the listing
Geco.one, the Polish crypto derivatives exchange, burns first Gecoin tokens (GEC).
Trading on Geco.one Crypto Derivatives Exchange
Use Geco.one’s leverage tool to boost your holdings and increase your earning potential.
Staking with Geco.one
Gecoin explained
Gecoin(GEC), the native token of Geco.one crypto derivatives exchange, is an ERC-20 utility token created on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Geco.one supports a Golf tournament - a chance to promote Bitcoin in business.
The competition is of a premium nature and brings together leading names from the Polish world of sports, culture and business.
What are funding rates?
The term funding rates are used quite often in “futures trading” terminology. Today we take a look at what is behind this term.
Earning on declines during a Bitcoin correction — how is it done?
This article will tell you the story of a trader who got rich in recent declines.
How to make money with leverage? Tips for beginner investors
Commissions in Derivative Trading — BitMEX vs Geco.one
Cryptocurrency Derivative Trading — Risky Chance for Big Profit
Derivative trading is an issue that has recently gained considerable popularity globally. Events such as the r/wallstreetbets scandal and the growing popularity of Bitcoin have effectively attracted investors’ attention to this form of investment. Crypto derivatives trading is still a kind of novelty. Today, however, we will look at it and check if and how much you can earn on it.
What makes Geco.one different from traditional cryptocurrency exchanges?
Interview with CEO Marcin Wituś.
What is Cryptocurrency Derivative Trading?
Cryptocurrency Derivative Trading is a feature that allows you to trade with a higher position size whilst defining the amount of collateral you are prepared to risk. It means that traders can realise larger profits on successful trades.
How to choose your crypto trading platform
Are you looking for a crypto trading platform, but feeling bamboozled by choice available? That’s understandable since 2017 hundreds of new crypto exchanges have launched and many have also disappeared. Few have offered genuine choice though. Geco.one is different – let’s show you how.
Geco One OÜ as co-founders of the newly-created Polish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce 19.10.2020.
Geco One OÜ is delighted to announce that it has been certified as a Founding Member of the newly-created Polish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce.

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Geco.one launches a brand new service
Geco.one is an exchange specializing in crypto derivatives. It focuses on cryptocurrency leverage trading...
How to make money on leverage? Tips for beginner investors
Trading with leverage allows you to take full advantage of all the opportunities offered by the cryptocurrency market...
What is financial leverage?
Although HODL is still the most popular investment strategy in cryptocurrencies, more and more attention is drawn to other tools and derivatives entering decentralised asset markets.
Going Long or Short - what is the difference?
"Long" and "short" are terms that every investor should know. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, you need to know the difference.
What commissions do Geco.one charge in derivative trading?
There are hundreds of various entities on the cryptocurrency market that offer the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies...
Gecoin functionalities in a nutshell
Everything you need to know about the Geco.one’s cryptocurrency derivatives exchange GEC token...
Staking with the Geco.one - crypto derivatives exchange
Geco.one offers the possibility of staking BTC, ETH, USDT and the exchange's own GEC token...
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